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Dental Digital X-rays

Digital radiography is the type of dental imaging that replaces traditional photographic dental film with a digital sensor producing enhanced computer images of teeth and soft tissues. The image can then be stored and manipulated for optimal diagnostic results. Benefits of Digital Radiology include:

• Enhanced Contrast – digital radiographs reveal the smallest areas of decay
• Radiation Safety – digital radiographs require 70 to 90 percent less radiation than film
• Speed – digital radiographs can be viewed instantly and transmitted electronically between practitioners
• Image Manipulation – digital images can be adjusted to enhance contrast and detail
• “Greener” Alternative – digital images eliminate chemical processing and disposal of hazardous waste such as lead foil
• At Bee Dental Care, we use the latest Digital Xray sensor, EzSensor HD by Vatech. Our EzSensor HD especially provides expert images at the ‘high-resolution mode” Think of it like HDTV radiographs!!

Vatech Green CT 2 World's First Low Dose Dental 3D Device.

We want to ensure that our patients have the best care possible. By using the latest dental ct technology, we are able to review high-quality images and can quickly give our patients the right treatment.

We believe that our patients deserve the best service we can offer. This revolutionary device produces superior image quality, giving us a clear view of your particular dental issue, and allowing us to make a fast and accurate diagnosis.  With ultra-low radiation exposure.

Our CBCT system provides multiple views of a patient’s mouth and jaw.  Its 3D imaging creates an innovative way for us to quickly evaluate which treatment would be best for you.


Superior Image Quality
One of the most evident benefits of using the best imaging technology is that the images are of the highest quality.  This makes it much easier for us to see what dental issue you may be facing, and quickly and confidently make an accurate diagnosis.

Exceptional Comfort
We use the latest technology for many reasons, not the least of which is the comfort of our patients.  Newer Dental CT systems are designed for patient comfort, and they also process images quickly so patients can spend minimal time in a given position.  The open design of the Vatech G2 even allows for wheelchair accessibility.

Low X-Ray Dose
Our new Dental CT also offers patients a much lower x-ray dose than other dental CBCT imaging equipment, reducing radiation by up to 70 percent.  This helps us ensure the safety of our patients.

Our Vatech G2 CBCT is the only CBCT that is FDA approved to be used on pediatric patients when necessary.

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Heron™ IOS Color Scanner

Heron™ IOS an intraoral color scanner designed together with dentists to ensure a perfect fit into the modern dental practice. No more messing impression that will get all over your face!

The smallest and most compact IOS
The scanner is the smallest and most compact IOS on the market that delivers a powder-free, full-color scan. The Heron utilizes a unique and proprietary technology that is designed to optimize the speed, accuracy and precision of the unit.

The hand-held Scanner
The Heron™ IOS scanner is designed with ergonomics in mind and features a slim, lightweight handpiece with optimal grip design and a rotating tip. It also offers premium features such as color capture and a built-in heater to prevent fogging. With this intraoral scanner for taking digital impressions, 3DISC provides a solution that supports the most common types of restorations in dentistry.

Intraoral Cameral

The intraoral camera can be used to provide detailed imaging of the teeth and gums. Digital images are captured instantly and shown on a monitor mounted near our treatment chairs where patients and dentists can view them together. Intraoral cameras can identify problems that may not stand out in a general examination, including cracks in your fillings or fractured teeth.

With high-quality images you learn about problem areas and better understand your treatment, helping you feel confident and comfortable before and during procedures. It also allows for faster diagnosis with less chair-time. Intraoral images from our cameras are an integral part of the dental care we offer our patients.

Certified Energy Efficient Structures Building

Our office designed by Carl Myatt, AIA in partner with Scientific Environmental Design or SED. Bee Dental Care building was engineered design to incorporate the state of the art equipment including an award winning HVAC environmental airflow design to deliver the ultimate in healthy indoor air quality and human comfort.  Our building consumes two-third less energy by using energy-efficient HVAC equipment. SED incorporate strategies way to reduce excessive air changes, utilized energy recovery systems. All of which means less carbon footprint output and greenhouse gas emission.

Bee Dental Care uses FDA approved Photocatalytic Oxidation Air Purifier an emerging air purifier technology that converts as little as  0.1 micron particles and elimination toxic gasses compounds. Our HVAC can filter 300% more effective than standard  HEPA filters can. This leads to cleaner air and  healthier environment.

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